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Shadow Cities Walkthrough: Mission Unlock Spells List

By Victor | Jun 1, 2011 | In iOS
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Here's 8 mission unlock spells, the guide will show you the misssion unlock level, some of the spells you may have unlocked. Check this out.
Healing - Draw a reverse z's, it will restore some of the viewpoints of your health. Healing can also do teammates, and any friendly tower.

Warp - Draw a fall classics with a friendly American allows you to the target building or player. (available at level 4)

Un-Warp - Draw a U. Automatically warps you back to your current real world location. (available at level 4)

Dominator - Draw a backward belong to summon a ruler building types of your current position. If you close to a energy gateway is, must target previously summoned gateways. (available at level 4)

Shadow Cities Walkthrough: Mission Unlock Spells List

Harvest - Target one of your Dominators. Draw a straight line from left to right. This will allow you to harvest energy from your Dominators. (available at level 4)

Beacon - Draw a backwards 7. Creates a waypoint that your friends can jump to at any time from the Cloud Map. (available at level 6)

Catcher - Draw a circle. Summon catcher building type. Watchers spirit will capture and keep this attack nearby enemies. These spirit can be gathered, this will help with some task. (available at level 8)

Ward - Draw a line from left to right, then left top to bottom, and then keep boxing did not look up your finger until it is finished. Summon a ward floor type protection against mage area. If the mage came into this field, a ward will attack you whether you are the current logon is at home. (available at level 10)


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