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How to Upgrade KDE4.4 to KDE 4.5

By Elisha | Aug 30, 2010 | In Windows
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This is a tutorial to teach how to upgrade to KDE 4.5. Do you want to upgrade your KDE 4.4 on openSUSE 11.3 to the delightful KDE 4.5 update? In 4.5 version of KDE, the desktop, applications, and development platforms have matured, and many of the outstanding bugs have been resolved.

How to Upgrade KDE4.4 to KDE 4.5?

Do you know you can easily upgrade from KDE 4.4 on openSUSE 11.3 to that delightful KDE 4.5 update? If you're still a little gunshy, you can always try out KDE 4.5 with the Live CD, for the rest of you intrepid KExplorers, here's how you get the sweetness.

    1. Remove any old KDE: KDE4:* repositories and KDE:Qt* repositories

    Opening up YaST and navigating to "Software Repositories".

    2. Add the repository containing 4.5.0: KDE:Distro:Factory.

    sudo zypper addrepo -f KDE45

    3. Add the Extra repository (optional):

    sudo zypper addrepo -f KDE-Extra

    4. Upgrade all packages from KDE: Distro:Factory and KDE: Extra:

    sudo zypper dist-upgrade --from KDE45 --from KDE-Extra

    5. Deinstall NetworkManager-kde4

    If you are using knetworkmanager, replace it with the Network Management plasmoid due to a bug in KNM with 4.5.0 that hides all connections, before you upgrade KDE or you may be stuck without a connection; allow zypper to deinstall NetworkManager-kde4.

    sudo zypper install plasmoid-networkmanagement

    6. Log out of KDE, then log back in

After upgrade your KDE, you might want to enable the WebKit backend for Konqueror to take advantage of the tremendous speed boost it brings to the table.

If you have any problems with KDE 4.5, you should definitely look into filing bugs for the issues with openSUSE or when appropriate.


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