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If you don't have these message apps, you will not know how colorful message can be?

By Christy | Mar 2, 2012 | In iOS
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Send a colorful messages on iPhone with Emoji and color. With these iPhone app, you do not need to send those boring texts.
Are you still send message as usual? Do you think your message is too dull? iPhone apps can help you to send a colorful message. With these apps, your messages are not tedious any more.

Here you'll find how to send message with Face/images, and get to know how to send message with colors.

Sections about iPhone/iPad Colorful Message:

Add Emoji to Make message alive on iPhone
Change the font color to make message different
Change background color to make message colorful
Speech input Text Information on iPhone Message

Add Emoji to make colorful message on iPhone

Want to send Emoji to your friends to express your current mood? Do you think the normal text messages are boring? This step make your messages alive.

Emoji++ allow users to change to Japanese Emoji keyboard. After cuting to Emoji keyborad, users will find more than 460 emoticons. Users can use these icons on Calendar, Email, Contacts, SMS, Safari and Notes.

Best Emoji Emoticon Free
Best Emoji Emoticon Free offers hunders od icons for iPhone uses. Users can add these icons to many place such as messages, email, folder names, alrams and calendar events. This apps offer more 450 fun icons.

Emoji Pro
With Emoji Pro, you can use emoticons keyboard in each app on your iPhone. This app give you access to add more than 460 icons to SMS, Clendar, Notes, Email, Contantc and other apps.

Change the font color to make alive message

Hate the default color of message font on iPhone? You can change the backgroud color of your text message as you like. Change the backgroug color and make your message diffferent.

Color Messages
Color Message allow to you not send boring text any more. With this Color Message App, users can make us your text with diffrent colors and fonts. You can send your own messge by bubbles.

Color Text Free for Messages & E-Mail
With Color Text Free for Message & Email, uses can add background color, symbols, colors and add text font to decorate their text message. Users can also create and send different bubbles by this app.

Change the backgroud color to make different message

Black and white, what are boring color ? Want to change your font color? These app make up your message text, and make you message alive.

Color Texting Express Lite
Color Texting Express Lite give you a chance to change your message background color. It enable you to customize text message show color, font color, and bubble color.

Color Text Messages Lite
Change your Bakcrougnd color of your text message, this app help you. Color Text Merssages Lite is able to customize Background colors, Text Size, Font style, Color Symbols and show color and outline level.

Speech input Text Information on iPhone Message

What's an interesting to send voice message. Here is a fashion way help you to send message, not text message but voice message.

Dragon Dictation
This is a simple voice recognition app. Dragon Dication allow to speak to iPhone, then you will see the text message or email message by Dragon NaturallySpeaking. You do not need to type, but just speak to iPhone.


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