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How to Fix Mafia 2 Loading Error

By Sara | Sep 13, 2010 | In Windows
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Mafia 2 is popular game recently. However, it has several errors and bugs. You may get trouble on loading error, which makes you not continue the game. Don't worry about it! Here is a guide from Steam Forum to teach you how to fix this problem on Mafia 2.

Mafia 2 Loading Error Fix Guide

On some of Mafia 2 chapters, your game may keep loading and won't play next chapter. But you can play all the other chapters without problems. The following will offer you a solution of this error in Mafia 2.

1. Cut your whole Steam folder and if you had better move to another hard drive.

2. Try to start the game using steam again. it should crash right after that first logo with privacy rights etc.

3. Go ahead and cut back the whole Steam folder back to its original place.

4. Go on Steam right click the Mafia 2 on the left.

5. There is options / Properties, and click Verify Integrity of game cache.

6. You will be asked "delete save games". Just choose no and it will start the check.

7. Once it done, go ahead and start mafia 2 it will update download directx etc.

8. After it finished, you will fix your Mafia 2 loading error. If you have some other problems, you can use this guide to fix Mafia 2 errors, crashes, bugs and freezes.


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