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How to Change iPhone Fonts Follow Your Inclinations

Troubling about how to change iPhone fonts follow your inclinations? Want to know how to Find Western of Font Files You Like? Do not worry, the article below will help you.

Are you tired of the iphone now font? Whether you want to change your iPhone 4S font style? After Manage And Sort IPhone 4/4S Apps, maybe you need want to know Play IPhone 4S Hidden Tips And Tricks. Here will supply the tiny details about iPhone font. There we will show you some methods to change your iPhone font and font color, everyone can get it even if you are a beginner, please follow me! After setting up, you will get you want font!

Sections about Change iPhone Fonts:

How to Change iPhone Fonts Using Bytefont

First your have one jailbroken iPhone if you want to use this method. Then make sure your iPhone connection with WiFi or Internet and open Cydia. Now let's begin.

Step 1: Open Bytefont and click Install -> Confirm.

Step 2: Download the font you like.
Open Bytefont, click Browse fonts to choose your favorite font. You'd better choose alphabetically or the most downloaded section.

change iphone font

Step 3: Back to Cydia and download the font.
Go to Section tab -> click Fonts -> choose your favorite font -> click Install -> then Confirm.

change iphone font

Step 4: Open BytaFont. Tap on the Basic Tab to apply the desired font.

Things you need to know: Before you install the desired font, please back up your Original font. And if you don't like the font you have installed, you can go back to original font or reinstall another font following our method.

How to Change iPhone Fonts without Software

Everyone can use this simply way to change iPhone font only if your iPhone has been jailbroken. We also tell you how to change clock font. Before install new font, please back up original font and delete no use font to save space.

- Change iPhone Font:

Step 1: Download desired font then upload to iPhone floder.
You should know the iPhone contents /System/Library/Fonts/Cache.

Step 2: Then replace Helvetica.ttf and HelveticaBold.ttf folder.

Step 3: Delete no use folders.
In addition to CGFontCache.plist, CGFontCache.plist.orig and Cache folder, all font files in /System/Library/Fonts/ contents. You can save 40.8M space for system if you do like this.

- Change iPhone Clock Font:

Guide锛?/strong>The operation method is similar with change system fonts. You should replace /System/Library/Fonts/Cache LockClock.ttf font folder.

How to Change Font Colors on an iPhone

After changing your iPhone fonts, do you also want to change font color? To change the font color, change your mood. Now follow us to change your iPhone font color, I bet you absolutely will like it!

Step 1: Tap the Installer -> choose Source icon -> add -> click Install icon -> tap System category -> then install Cydia.

Step 2: Open the Cydia interface.
Go to search WinterBoard in the search box. Then downlaod and install WinterBoard.

Step 3: Tap the Sections, locate "Themes (Springboard)" in the Sections page and tap to install any that you like. Tap to close Cydia.

Step 4: Tap the WinterBoard icon.
Open the /private/var/stash/Themes.y9qoV5/Saurik/ folder and tap to edit the Info.plist file.

Step 5: Type the color you want for your font, replacing the word "white" in this block of text with the new color.

Step 6: Tap to save the edited file. The fonts on your iPhone will be changed to theme.

From the artical above we can know the methods how to Change Phone Fonts Follow Your Inclinations in different versions. With the methods we can easily solve the trouble. With the simplicity of the UI excellent performance and stability, we can enjoy our digitial life.

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