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How to Backup Jailbreak Apps in Rock and Cydia

By Jenny | Jul 30, 2010 | In Mac
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You can get the solution on how to backup jailbreak apps of iPhone 4 to Rock and Cydia in this tutorial. While you are keen on Apple iOS 4 and iPhone 4 upgrading, you should consider where to backup the jailbreak apps? Rock and Cydia on iDevices are good places to go. The goods to backup jailbreak apps to Rock and Cydia are obviously safe and dependable. If you want to know how to backup jailbreak apps on Rock and Cydia, please just follow this guide.

How to Backup Jailbreak Apps in Rock and Cydia

To do the iOS 4 jailbreak, you need to do the jailbroken apps first. Now, you can backup jailbroken apps in Cydia and Rock that you can't miss these jailbreak apps on your iPhone.

1. Backup Jailbroken Apps on Cydia

A lot of users prefer Cydia. It's a pretty easy process to backup your jailbroken apps on Cydia.

Backup Jailbreak Apps in Rock and Cydia - Get Cydia
  • Download a free app Aptbackup.
  • Click the Aptbackup icon on the homescreen once installed.
  • And then you will see two buttons, Backup and Restore. Click Backup before upgrading.
  • After done, you need to sync with iTunes.
  • Sync your jailbroken apps to your PC/Mac with Aptbackup.
  • After your iOS 4 install is finished, go ahead and sync/backup with iTunes.
Once you've restored from your backup in iTunes, go ahead and re-jailbreak. Then go into Cydia and re-download Aptbackup. This time click the Restore button. This will restore all your jailbreak apps.

2. Backup Jailbroken Apps on Rock

Every Rock user should already have a Rock ID.
    Sign into your ID and wait for your backups. After you've saved everything to your Rock ID, you can do your restore. After you re-jailbreak and install Rock, you'll just sign in and click on your settings tab like below.

    Backup Jailbreak Apps in Rock and Cydia - Rock options

    Click Settings and scroll down you will see app Backup options. Now before you start installing a new OS, make sure Rock is actually making backups for you. The option to save packages to your Rock ID should always be checked.

    Backup Jailbreak Apps in Rock and Cydia - Rock Setting

    Choose Restore from Backup, you will then be presented with however many backups you have saved to your Rock ID.

    Now you can let Rock do the rest for you. To do this, you need to turn your auto-lock to never and plug your phone in, leave Rock open. So far, you can feel the jailbroken apps on Rock backup is also simple.


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