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Dell Streak: How to Load a Custom ROM

By Sara | Aug 16, 2010 | In iOS
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Dell Streak is the latest Android phone with a lot of great features. You may want to search some hack guides for your Dell Streak to make it better to use. The following tutorial will teach you how to load a custom ROM on your Dell Streak. You will get guides not only how load a custom ROM on your Dell Streak, but also how to flash a custom recovery image. All the steps below are easy for everyone to follow.

How to Load a Custom ROM on Dell Streak

Flash a Custom Recovery Image

1. Root your Dell Streak.

2. Download the Custom Recovery Image Flashing script.

3. Power off your Dell Streak, take out the battery, and then put the battery back.

4. Hold down the Camera button and Power to turn on Dell Streak, and keep holding until bootloader screen appears.

5. Choose Fastboot at the top right.

6. Wait for about 10 seconds, and then plug your Android phone into computer with USB cable.

7. Extract the Recovery Flashing files you have just downloaded, and open the folder.

8. Double click "Install-recovery-windows.bat" and wait for it to finish. Your Android phone should automatically reboot and you now have a custom recovery image.

Load a Custom ROM

1. Go to our Dell Streak ROMs section and select a ROM you want, and then download it to your computer.

2. Plug your Dell Streak in with USB cable and mount the SD card so we can transfer files to it.

3. Copy the ROM .zip file (do not extract it, leave it as a .zip) to the root of the SD card (not in any folders, just on the SD card itself).

4. Unplug the Dell Streak and power it off.

5. Turn it back on by holding down Volume Down, Volume Up and Power and keep holding all three buttons until the recovery screen appears.

6. Choose "Software Upgrade via Update.pkg on SD card" to open the custom recovery.

7. Navigate with the volume keys and select using the camera button, and select Nandroid backup to perform a backup.

8. Once it is done, go back and select Wipe Data.

9. Now, go back and select Apply .zip from SD card and choose the ROM you saved to the SD card. Wait for it to finish flashing.

Once done, go back and Reboot System Now. Once Dell Streak reboots, you are on a custom ROM, enjoy!


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