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5 Annoyances We'd Change about Linux

By Wendy | Nov 9, 2010 | In Windows
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There are 5 annoyances that really need sorting out, but how can we do this? The annoyances we'd change are no good for Linux users. So the following will show you how to change annoyances about Linux.
If you have been using Linux operating system long enough, you can soon discover a lot of things that were different from what you want. The 5 things below are annoyances we'd change about Linux operating system.

1. Guaranteed GUI Fallback

Are you remember the old days of the Linux installing, when you'd boot from a CD just to see the message in installer, "can't find CD drive". While the modern equivalent is the graphical installer which will leave you at a command prompt.

2. No More Infighting

5 Annoyances We'd Change about Linux
People seem to get really angry when you use a distro but they don't like. Now, at LXF Towers application we can get more letters from Ubuntu haters than any other readers. Linux Ubuntu places only a teensy layer of polish over a default KDE install or Gnome. We are sure that as a community we spend too much time telling people what they should use, but not enough time letting them actually exercise the choice.

3. Get Mac Compatibility for Games

People can run Windows software on Linux by using Wine which is a huge project. Besides, Mac OS X has already uses some open APIs such as OpenAL and OpenGL, so we can make it almost no work for designers to port games to Linux from OS X.

4. Rolling Releases

5 Annoyances We'd Change about Linux
If who wants the newest release of Gnome, must they wait almost six months for new distroes release? The answer is they shouldn't, besides, users of rolling release distros such as Arch Linux application have long recognised this. It's really the time for other distros to get the point!

5. Easier Closed-Source Installs

Wouldn't it be fine if it is the first time that your distro started up by Linux operating system, it will say something like "Listen, you can't play DVDs, listen to MP3 music or play Flash games because it's not enabled right now," then you should give the option to do it all with just a simple click? the answer is Yes. and maybe not merely for you, but for other users undoubtedly around the world.


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