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BadCopy Pro Data recovery software

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BadCopy Pro Data recovery software

BadCopy Pro

BadCopy Pro (since 1996) - Recover Corrupted or Lost Data Easily in Minutes .

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BadCopy Pro Can do
  • Damaged floppy disk repair and floppy data recovery.
  • Damaged or defective CD data recovery including CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW.
  • Damaged & defective DVD data recovery includes DVD-ROM, DVD+R/W & DVD-R/W.
  • Recovery of inaccessibledata on floppy, CD and DVD discs.
  • Rescuing lost files from a floppy disk, CD and DVD.
  • CD-R/W burning problems and data loss recovery.
  • Recovery of corrupted or unreadable files.
  • Retrieval of data from all sessions on multi-session CDs.
  • Lost photos recovery for storage used in digital cameras.
  • Recovery of files deleted on floppy disks, even quick formatted disks.
  • Data recovery on UDF and packet-writing disks. Supports DirectCD and InCD.
  • Recovery of data on Iomega Zip, Jaz, MO disks, and USB flash drives.

Highlights of BadCopy Pro
  • Advanced and intelligent floppy recovery or CD recovery ability.
  • Fully automatic data recovery process without your manual work.
  • Supports recovering all types of files like documents, images, applications etc.
  • Supports most kinds of media recovery like floppy disk, CDROM, CDR, CDRW etc.
  • Supports floppy disk, CD-ROM/CD-R/CD-RW lost files rescue and recovery.
  • Recovered files post-process and smart data filling technology.
  • Supports digital media recovery like SmartMedia, CompactFlash (CF) card and ZIP.
  • Supports UDF CD data recovery (includes most packet-writing burner program).

Key Functions
  • CD/DVD Recovery
  • Digital Media Recovery
  • Floppy Recovery
  • Zip Disk Recovery
  • UDF CD Recovery
  • Flash Drive Recovery
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BadCopy Pro Awards and Reviews

" Brilliant!, "
One word: Brilliant! My old CD-R has a nice big,
deep scratch across it. Windows won't read the
files. Yet somehow, BadCopy copied them
straight off! If you need files off a dead floppy/
CD, then this is the one and only program you
should need.
--- (Andrew Jones, from CA, US)
" Amazing job"
If you were involved in writing "BadCopy", I want to tell you that you did an amazing job, it has succeeded in getting back my half a year's work from one floppy disk -- an important zip file and some word docs.
--- (Michael D Handeland, from London, UK)
"Value for money!!!"
I bought BadCopy. The designer of this software deserves his weight in gold. I lost a full CDR with 499 MB of precious photos of a wedding. I will never know what has happened but no system was able to read the CD and I lost all hope, until I read something aboud BadCopy on a comptermagazine web-forum. I bought it and it worked. Absolutely fantastic This is what I call, value for money!!! Keep me posted for update/upgrades. I'll buy it anyway.
---(Rob van Rooijen, from Netherlands)
"Solved my problem beautifully"
I was referred to your software by customer assistance staff at Microsoft. BadCopy Pro solved my problem beautifully, Thank you very much. I do appreciate.
---(Rob van Rooijen, from Netherlands)
"Excellent tool"
Best $39.95 I've spent for a long time!!! This tool saved a project for me that would have had $40 as a rounding error! One thing - the progress dialog when you save the recovered file needs to show something. I recovered a 650MB image file and when it didn't record any progress when written although it worked ok. Thanks very much for an excellent tool.
---(Graham Welland)

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