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Product: Acronis True Image
Version: 11.0
Type: Shareware
Size: 37.3 MB
O/S: Windows 98/2000/ ME/ Xp/ NT 4.0
Price: $ 49.99
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Download Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image

    Acronis True image can help you to backup important data incase of any losing caused by system crash or computer virus. It is excellent data recovery software. It not only allows you to backup and restore specific files, but also can backup the entire disc including operating system. Even if your operating system isn't work again, you can still restore data you have backup before. So it is very useful for people who need to protect their documents frequently.

Limitation for Unregistered User

    The Trial version you download here has full function, however, it only provides 15 days for test. If you want to use it continuously, please click the button "buy now" to get register code for it. After registering, you can enjoy it without any limitation.

Why choose Acronis True Image instead of other software?

  • Entire Disc Backup and restore
    Acronis True Image allows you to backup the entire disc including operating system, documents, video, audio and other files. so even your system isn't work again, you can also restore your data with acronis true image.
  • File based backup and restore
    Acronis true image allows you to backup specific files according to your needs.
  • Acronis secure zone
    Acronis True Image has a fantastic function that creating a secure zone to protect your data. It is a protected storage and inaccessible by ordinary windows applications. After you create this zone, you can restore your data with acronis recovery manager when the operating system is not work.
  • Acronis Snap Restore
    Lightning-speed restore of your PC from an image. you can start working in seconds while your system is still being restore.
  • Supports all windows operating system
    Acronis True Image supports all Microsoft Windows desktop operating systems. The version 9.0 also supports computer hard disks with Linux file systems and Linux operating system. It supports following Linux file systems: Ext2, Ext3, ReiserFS, Reiser4, and Linux Swap. Acronis True Image 9.0 also works with any other unknown file system in special sector-by-sector mode. If the software cannot identify the file system, it simply creates an exact image of every sector on the disk.

How to register Acronis True Image?

    Acronis True Image is a shareware, If you want to enjoy it without any limitation, you need to register it. For registration. please follow steps listed below.
    • Download the trial version
    • Install the trial version into your PC.
    • Buy Acronis True Image by Click here.
    • After finish order, you will receive register code within a few hours via email.
    • Then Please click here to register Your software online.
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