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Dropped Hard Drive Recovery

Lost your Hard Drive data and wanna look it back? You are in right place!

Acronis True Image - Dropped Hard Drive Recovery program
All of computer user face the potential data lost caused by accidential hard drive crash. And then what will you gonna do when it happened? Here we recommend an excellent Dropped Hard Drive Recovery program - Acronis tue image to you!

Acronis True Image is an excellent data backup and recovery software, which allows you to backup and restore all of video, audio, document stored in your PC in case of any lost caused by system crash or baleful attack from hacker or computer virus. In addtion that, Acronis True Image offers schedule data backup service so that you will never worry about potential data lost.

With its help, you will never worry about the data lost again. Whenever you lost any document, you can restore it through Acronis True Image; To protect your PC and important documents, we suggest that you backup them frequently with acronis true image.

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Key Benefits

Backup all hard disc data

create a completely 1:1 hard disc copy to backup all of your computer data including operating system, applications, your personal settings, and all data.

Backup emails ans outlook data

Acronis True Image allows you to completely backup all emails an outlook data including your address book, email templates etc.

Backup and restore music, video

All of video and audio files stored in hard drive can easily backed up and restore at any time.

Protect computer applications

Backup and restore all of application settings. such as microsoft office, iTunes, Media Player, Winamp etc.

Customized backup data

You could effectively save hard drive space when creating backups through only backing up data you want to keep instead of backup the entire hard drive.

One-click data recovery

Recover any hard drive data you want when you lost it..


What can Acronis True Image do?

Acronis True Image - Backup Data Backup entire Hard Drive
  Entire Disc or Partition Backup - You can create a backup archive of an exact hard disc, including all operating systems, applications and configuration files, software updates, personal settings and all of data stored in this disc. If you choose backup entire disc, the archive will take much bigger disc space, however it enables you to restore the system in minutes in case of data damages or system crash.

File and folder backup - This backup type allows you to choose specific files and folder to back up; it will only keep safe of these certain data.

Acronis True Image - Data Recovery Data Recovery
  If you have back up archive with acronis true image, then you can restore the lost or corrupted files or entire partitions from the backup archive. With this option, you can easily get you lost data back.

Acronis True Image - Clone Disc Clone Disc
  If you have more than one disc, then this function will allows you to clone all of data from one hard disc drive to another hard disc by copying entire partitions

Acronis True Image - Add New Disc Add New Disc
  If you want to add a disc to your PC, then this wizard will help you to do that, you will be able to prepare the new hard disc drive for using by creating and formatting new partitions on this hard disc.

Acronis True Image - Acronis Secure Zone Acronis Secure Zone
  Acronis Secure Zone allows you to create a secure zone, which is a protected storage on your hard disc drive. Acronis Secure Zone is inaccessible by ordinary windows applications. That makes sure that the backup archive stored there will not be corrupted by the operating system or by running applications. You can freely increase or decrease the disc space it takes.

Acronis True Image - Acronis Recovery Manager Acronis Recovery Manager
  Acronis Recovery Manager enables you to restart your computer by hitting the F11 key when you see the "press F11 for acronis recovery manager" message, in case you computer does not boot correctly, even if your operating system has been deleted. Before activating Acronis Recovery Manger, you need to create Acronis Secure Zone first. ( Note: If Acronis Secure Zone can not be found in hard disc, this function will not be available )

Acronis True Image - Creating a Bootable Media Creating a bootable media
  A Bootable media can be used to help you to boot up you PC, when your computer can not be started normally. You can create it during or after Acronis True Image is installed. You need a CD-R/RW blank, several formatted diskettes, or any other media your computer can boot from.

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